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Friday, October 22, 2010

Name My Bovine Contest

9x12 Oil on Canvas
Cheri Wollenberg

This truly is a contest!!!  I need a name for this painting.  First, you must hear the story of this cow.  Actually he is a bull.  He has been painted a few times because he has a charming look about him, but looks are deceiving!  He kind of looks innocent in this painting, doesn't he? This is probably the interpretation of my brush.  Is he (she) saying something?  Is there an underlying attitude?  He is a troublemaker!  He is wild, unruly, rebellious, undisciplined, and stubborn.  He has leaped the fence more than a half-dozen times, and he is not happy with his home!  He is one of my sons adopted "exotics" as he likes to call them.  I thought about calling her "Flower" and my husband thought about calling him "Leaper".  Free spirit or not......this bovine has caused us all a lot of trouble.

Now, this is what you can do.......In the comment section of my blog tell me what you think his or her name should be.  As you can see he(she) is animated a bit.  Perhaps this will give you a creative spark.  

The PRIZE?  It will be a giclee canvas print of this painting.
The TIME FRAME?  I will let the comments come in until November 14.  My husband and I will judge which one best fits this guy (gal).  I will announce the winner on my blog on November 15.  The winner will have to allow me to contact them by email so that I can get their mailing address. Thanks for participating!  I think this will be great fun.  I trust that all entries will be made with a good, fun heart, and no inappropriate language or connotation will be posted.  Any inappropriate entries will not be published.

THANKS, Cheri.

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  1. I love it and the story. He looks like Beauregard, "Beau" for short. Definitely a ladies man.