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Saturday, December 19, 2009

NOLA Trolley - by Celeste Vaught

2.75" x 5.75" NOLA Trolley
Soft Pastels on La Carte Pastel Card
by Celeste Vaught
$35 US (Includes free Ground Shipping)

Yesterday was a busy day with lots of visitors to the gallery, so what started out with plans of working on a nice big pastel still life, ended up with only a short window in the afternoon available to do this little pastel. I used Sennelier soft pastels on tan La Carte Pastel Card. The details were challenging using those big round pieces of pure pigment!

Anyway, this was based on a photo I took some 20 years ago in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I can remember riding the cable cars as a little girl when we lived in NOLA. And eating crawfish, and sitting on a blanket on the front lawn watching mom do pastel paintings! I think I'll always associate pastels with memories of New Orleans. I suppose it's the French connection.

For purchase email celeste@celestevaught.com...Paypal accepted.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice pastel. The French Connection...I like that. Also liked the movie and Gene Hackman.